ITZY’s individual teaser: Yuna gave fans ‘visual shocked’ while Ryujin impressed netizens with the cool girl style

Ryujin and Yuna are the two members who receive the most positive responses in the ‘LOCO’ teaser photo series.

At 0:00 on September 8 and 9, JYP released a series of individual teaser photos of each member for the title song ‘LOCO’ – the song on ITZY‘s upcoming album ‘Crazy In Love’. The photos became a topic of interest in the Kpop fan community. ITZY is famous for its aggressive girl crush style, and this comeback is still focused on showing the group’s unique image. Contrary to the controversial reactions after ITZY released the ‘Crazy In Love’ concept photo, the series of individual posters teasing ‘LOCO’ received more positive comments. Ryujin and Yuna are the two members that cause a “fever” thanks to their impressive images and eye-catching visuals.

Lia has not made much of an impression with the familiar loose hairstyle.

ITZY Crazy In Love

Yeji‘s concept of “Natra hair” is divided into two debates, one side praising the uniqueness of her for daring to experiment with many fancy styles, the other saying that the stylist is a bit “too much” for the female idol. Even so, fans are still looking forward to Yeji’s performance in MV ‘LOCO’ because she is always the most surprising factor in the group.

ITZY Crazy In Love

Ryujin impressed the audience with her favorite girl-crush vibe when she dyes her hair dark, wears a cool bodysuit and cool glasses.

ITZY Crazy In Love

Chaeryeong doesn’t have a thorough image investment like the other members. Some fans complained about the female idol’s flat hairstyle as if it hasn’t been blow-dried.

ITZY Crazy In Love

Yuna is very eye-catching in her brilliant outfit, high boots, and a seductive expression. This is the rare time that the youngest ITZY doesn’t wear a weird outfit that is picked by the stylist.

ITZY Crazy In Love

Crazy in Love is ITZY’s first full album since its debut. The title song “LOCO” was composed by the producer group who created hits like “Dalla Dalla” (2019), “WANNABE” (2020). This is a comeback that is expected to bring impressive success to the JYP’s girl group, before entering the Japanese market in the near future. However, fans still have concerns because of Lia’s controversy of school bullying, and the case has not been thoroughly handled.


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