Idol-turned-actor Yoo Young Jae suddenly announced his military enlistment, “I’ll miss you all a lot”

Yoo Young Jae, an actor and member of boy group B.A.P, delivered the news of his military enlistment.

On November 6th, Yoo Young Jae posted several photos on his Instagram account with the caption, “Everyone, how are you all doing? I’m leaving a message here today since I have news to tell you. It may be a little sudden, but I will enlist in the military on November 8th”.

Yoo Young-jae

The released photos show B.A.P members doing various poses. Except for Himchan, who is currently on trial on charges of forced harassment, B.A.P members were seen gathering for the first time after a while.

Yoo Young Jae said, “I debuted on January 27th, 2012, and have made many good memories so far. Thanks to you all, I was so happy for the past 10 years since our debut. Thanks to all of that, I also tried to become a better person”.

Yoo Young-jae

He continued, “Now I’m going to fulfill my military service duty. I’ll be back healthily 18 months later and show you all better acting performances as well as music activities.”

Lastly, he said, “I hope everyone will stay healthy, be happy and smile a lot. I will miss you all so much. I love you”.

Yoo Young-jae

Yoo Young Jae debuted as a member of the boy group B.A.P in 2012. Apart from singing activities, he has also been working as an actor by starring in various dramas, such as KBS 2TV’s “Woman of 9.9 Billion”, “Police University”, and tvN’s “Mr. Queen”.

B.A.P must be so proud of their beloved fandom!

Meanwhile, former B.A.P member Him Chan is suspected of forcibly molesting two women at a bar in Hanam-dong, Yongsan-gu in April. Him Chan’s legal representative said that physical contact was inevitable but there was no sexual intention. 

Him Chan is expected to face more controversies as he is on another trial with the same criminal record. Him Chan was accused of the same charges in 2018. He was sentenced to 10 months in prison and 4 hours of sexual violence treatment in the first trial.

Source: wikitree

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