Is the relationship between Kim Sejeong and Somi as conflicting as rumored?

This is the real relationship between Somi and the female lead of Business Proposal.

I.O.I is the project group after the first season of Produce 101 ended. Somi and Kim Sejeong are two members of the group, debuting at 1st and 2nd rank respectively. Because of their fierce rivalry, the two were repeatedly suspected of having an incompatible relationship. In fact, what is Somi and Sejeong’s true relationship?

Jeon Somi Kim Sejeong
Somi and Kim Sejeong used to be members of the group I.O.I 

At the time of participating in Produce 101, Somi and Kim Sejeong used to have fierce competition as the two idols took turns to hold 1st and 2nd place. In the finale, Somi finished in first place and became the center of the group, while Kim Sejeong was the runner-up.

When participating in the program, Kim Sejeong and Somi had a special fight in which both of them constantly used pillows to attack each other. Sejeong’s expression then looks really determined. Netizens began to suspect that female idol and center Somi were at odds and didn’t like each other.

kim se jeong, somi
Somi and Kim Sejeong repeatedly used pillows to attack each other. 

However, fans have given a series of evidence confirming that Kim Sejeong and Somi are not in conflict as many speculated. When working in the group I.O.I, the two female idols often interacted with each other and had very sweet actions. In the most emotional moments, Somi and Sejeong were always beside each other, wiping tears, and comforting one another. This is even an idol couple that fans ship very enthusiastically. 

kim se jeong, somi
Somi and Sejeong are close to each other. 
kim se jeong, somi
The loving moment of the two female idols makes fans just want to “push the boat”. 
kim se jeong, somi
Similar expressions of the two best friends. 
kim se jeong, somi
Somi wiped her tears as Sejeong got emotional. 

After I.O.I disbanded, Somi and Kim Sejeong still kept in touch. In 2021, Somi released the MV DUMB DUMB. At that time, she also created the dance challenge trend which Sejeong also joined in to support. The extremely sweet interaction between the two former I.O.I members proves that their relationship has always been good.


SOMI x SEJEONG (김세정) #덤덤챌린지 today’s cast is Ms. Clean Kim~ 너무 잘춰서 👏🏻❤️‍🔥ㅋㅋㅋ💗사랑해요 #somi #sejeong #somi_dumbdumb #dumbdumbchallenge #전소미 #김세정 #덤덤했다

Somi and Sejeong have a good relationship even though they each have separate activities. 

Currently, Somi and Sejeong have both been successful as soloists with their own projects. Somi left JYP and joined The Black Label. The female idol is increasingly ranked in both career and beauty, making fans proud. Somi’s MVs such as DUMB DUMB, XOXO have achieved success, winning trophies on weekly music shows and showing her own color in the K-pop world.

Jeon Somi
Somi is increasingly advancing in the music industry. 
Jeon Somi
Somi has lost weight to have a very beautiful body like now. 

After working individually, Kim Sejeong did not hit hard in the music industry, but instead in the movie sector. Although she is an idol-turned actress, the female idol still made fans proud because of her excellent acting and role-playing skills. Currently, she is taking on the main role of Shin Ha Ri in Business Proposal.

kim se jeong
After The Business Proposal aired, Kim Sejeong quickly covered all social networking sites. 

Kim Sejeong’s current beauty also attracts a lot of attention to the audience. Although she does not have the top-notch gorgeous appearance, it is the gentleness and sweetness of the female idol that makes fans fall for her. Different from the discreet, office style in the drama, in real life, the former I.O.I member prefers a youthful style, with short dresses showing off her legs. With her current appearance, fans think that Kim Sejeong deserves more attention.

Kim Se-jeong
Kim Sejeong likes to wear dresses that bring a youthful and dynamic feeling. 

Somi and Kim Sejeong were close during I.O.I’s activities and still maintain a stable relationship to this day. Both careers went in different directions. However, they all have certain success and are fortunate to be loved and supported by a large number of fans.

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