“It’s very heartbreaking” Yoo Ah-in’s “unexpected” remarks received applause from everyone

At the 31st Buil Film Awards held on Oct 6th, actor Yoo Ah-in expressed affection for his junior Jeon Jong-seo, who worked with him in the film “Burning”.

The 31st Buil Film Awards was held at the Signiel Busan Grand Ballroom in Haeundae-gu, Busan on Oct 6th, the second day of the Busan International Film Festival. Actors Kim Nam-gil and Choi Soo-young hosted the event.

Yoo Ah-in

On this day, the presenters for Best Actor and Best Actress were Yoo Ah-in and Jeon Jong-seo. Last year, the two received Best Actor and Best Actress for their films “Voice of Silence” and “The Call”, respectively. In addition, Jeon Jong-seo became a hot topic by showing stable acting chemistry with senior Yoo Ah-in as a rookie actress in the movie “Burning”.

Yoo Ah-in

Yoo Ah-in expressed regret and affection for his junior Jeon Jong-seo during society, leaving a calm impression. As soon as he finished speaking, applause poured out from the auditorium.

Yoo Ah-in asked, “It took me more than 10 years to become the main character, but this friend played the main character as soon as she started, and she’s still playing the main character now. What do you think about this?” Jeon Jong-seo replied with a shy smile, “I’m sorry. I’m not good with words.”

Yoo Ah-in

What they said was a story related to the movie “Burning”. Previously, Jeon Jong-seo stepped onto the red carpet at the 71st Cannes International Film Festival with her lead role in “Burning” even though she had just debuted as an actress. At that time, Jeon Jong-seo was embroiled in controversy for being overly nervous at an official event due to sudden public interest.

Jeon Jong-seo

Yoo Ah-in continued, “(Jeon Jong-seo) is a friend with a pure heart. She’s a friend who wants to protect her own feelings, but there are many people who can’t accept that image and misunderstand her. So I’m very heartbroken to see this friend shrinking.” Jeon Jong-seo covered her face shyly.

Yoo Ah-in added, “Since she’s a friend with a very good heart, I hope we can be a little more natural and comfortable in a place like this. I hope it can become a stage where we can bring out our own style. I hope you’ll watch us with an open heart and support.” His words received cheers and applause from the audience.

Yoo Ah-in

Then he concluded by inducing responses, “Right? Right? That’s right.” Hearing this, host Kim Nam-gil created a warm atmosphere as he exclaimed, “It’s nice to see Yoo Ah-in thinking about Jeon Jong-seo.”

On the other hand, the film that won the most awards at the 31st Buil Film Awards held on the same day was “Decision to Leave”. “Decision to Leave” received 5 awards, including Best Film, Best Actor (Park Hae-il), Best Actress (Tang Wei), Best Cinematography (Kim Ji-yong) and Best Music (Jo Yeong-wook).

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