Im Yoona “I feel like I’ve been saving romantic comedies for a bit, I felt relaxed while filming ‘King the Land'”

Actress Im Yoona expressed her feelings about the end of “King the Land” and shared behind-the-scenes stories.

On August 16th, a video titled “What if Cheon Sarang wants to join Girls’ Generation?” was uploaded on Im Yoona’s official YouTube channel.

To the question “How close is Cheon Sarang to Yoona?“, Im Yoona, who recently successfully wrapped up “King the Land”, replied, “I say 200%. I think we really have a lot of similarities. Out of all the characters I’ve played, I feel like we have the most similarities.”

When asked “If Cheon Sarang wants to join Girls’ Generation, will you accept her?“, she answered, “I won’t accept her. Girls’ Generation already has the perfect members. Cheon Sarang should rather focus on her own thing. Not Girls’ Generation.”

When asked “What was your favorite scene in ‘King the Land?’“, she said, “When I thought I looked pretty was when we were shooting in Thailand. Wearing the yellow dress. And one of my favorite acting scenes was the press conference scene. For the first time, Sarang expresses her heart to Won. So I remember that a lot.

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To the question “You know you’re perfect for romantic comedy dramas, right?“, she confessed honestly, “I feel like I’ve been saving romantic comedies for a bit. After some time had passed, after I had tried out different roles before doing a romantic comedy. I guess that’s why I had more fun and I felt more relaxed while shooting. If I have a chance, if there is another good drama, I’ll hopefully come back again.

Yoona expressed her desire, “Someday, I want to try playing the antagonist. And I want to show you new aspects of myself through different characters.”

Source: Naver

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