ILLIT’s Debut Impact Overwhelms Girl Group Trend Index, 6 Times Higher than NewJeans

HYBE's latesr group ILLIT has skyrocketed to the top spot in the girl group trend index

Rookie girl group ILLIT, dubbed “Bang Si-hyuk’s girl group” and garnering a box office sensation, has skyrocketed to the top spot in the girl group trend index. Their trend index score is six times that of their HYBE senior girl group, NewJeans.

The girl group trend index is an indicator calculated by Ranking Pai by itself by summing up the previous week’s keyword search volume and Google Trends score.

ill it-ranking

ILLIT, which topped Ranking Pai’s analysis of the girl group ranking for the first week of April, scored 72,192 points in the trend index, up 67,277 points from the previous week.

NewJeans took second place with 12,181 points, up 2,779 points from the previous week.

IVE took third place with 9,809 points, down 246 points from the previous week.

LE SSERAFIM came in fourth with 9,123 points, TWICE in fifth with 6,476 points, BLACKPINK in sixth with 4,867 points, BABYMONSTER in seventh with 4,558 points, aespa in eighth with 4,061 points, NMIXX in ninth with 2,950 points, and Apink in tenth with 2,420 points.

Promis_9 took 11th place, Oh My Girl took 12th place, Red Velvet took 13th place, Triple S took 14th place, HIKEY took 15th place, Girls’ Generation took 16th place, WJSN took 17th place, STAYC took 20th place.


According to the gender preference analysis, 1st place ILLIT is preferred by 31% of men and 69% of women, 2nd place NewJeans is preferred by 49% of men and 51% of women, and 3rd place IVE is preferred by 40% of men and 60% of women.

In terms of age preference, ILLIT showed 23% for teenagers, 38% for 20s, 21% for 30s, 13% for 40s, and 6% for 50s.

According to a big data survey of the top 3 in the trend index, related search terms such as ILLIT Namu Wiki, ILLIT Youngseo, ILLIT Wonhee, ILLIT Minju, ILLIT debut, NewJeans Minji, NewJeans agency, NewJeans Hanni, NewJeans Haerin, NewJeans Hyein, IVE album, IVE Gaeul, IVE Leeseo, IVE Rei, IVE agency, etc. were found to be attracting attention.

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