“I’ll kill Lee Seung Gi” → “Korea’s soccer team? Don’t raise hope” Korean celebrities caused big stirs due to their slips of the tongue 

Here are famous figures who were harshly criticized for their absurd remarks this year.

The Korean entertainment industry has suffered various controversies caused by celebrities’ slips of the tongue in 2022. 

◆ Kang Daniel – “‘Trevi’ is delicious. I’m just kidding”

kang daniel

Kang Daniel was caught up in controversies over the slip of the tongue several times within a year. It all started from the private message he shared with fans after being confirmed as the MC for Mnet’s entertainment program “Street Man Fighter”. When asked about his feelings, the male singer said, “To be honest, I feel very comfortable being on the show with male dancers… because I don’t get sucked of my energy. It was scarier when I did ‘Street Woman Fighter’, so I like the current show better. They all wore bold eyeliner and makeup”.

Kang Daniel

In addition, he even blocked fans who criticized him and raised concerns about his sexist attitudes toward the dancers. He said, “People who said that would get mad when they see stand-up comedy shows”. As the controversy intensified, he issued an apology.

kang daniel

Kang Daniel’s absurd remark continued in the last episode of “Street Man Fighter”. On the broadcast, he said, “I’d like to thank the advertisers. ‘Trevi’ is delicious! I’m kidding. But yes, I’m half-serious about that”. The brand Trevi he mentioned was actually the rival to “Street Fam Fighter” sponsor, Coca-Cola’s Seagram. Later, CJ ENM deleted the scene containing Kang Daniel’s remark in the replay. 

◆ DinDin, “Don’t turn it into a wishing party”


DinDin appeared on SBS PowerFM’s “Bae Sung Jae’s Ten” and gave a negative evaluation of South Korea’s national soccer team in the 2022 Qatar World Cup. At that time, he made a pessimistic prediction about the result and targeted head coach Paulo Bento. DinDin said, “Seems like coach Bento did not carefully watch the league”, adding “After raising hope by having one draw game with Uruguay, after that, bba bbam. I feel like coach Bento will run right away”. He continued, “It’s annoying because everyone keeps saying ridiculous things like ‘I think we will get to the Round of 16’. Why are you guys turning this into a wishing party? What’s the difference between that and ‘I hope we get first place’ when we release a song knowing that it won’t be able to chart?”

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Facing criticism from the outrage of soccer fans, DinDin apologized through his Instagram, saying “I’m sorry, Korea is the best” and expressed his wish for victory.

◆ “Polite B.I?”

In 2021, B.I was sentenced to 3 years in suspended prison and 4 years of probation on drug charges. He was also ordered to complete 90 hours of community service, 40 hours of drug treatment lectures and fined 1.5 million won.

b.i thumbnail

The probation period is not over yet, but B.I has carried out various activities. However, he was hesitant to return to TV broadcasts due to public criticism. Despite trying to make a comeback as an MC for the DJ survival show “WET!: World EDM Trend”, he eventually failed. Instead, he is actively communicating with fans through Youtube.

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Choreography Young Bin appeared on B.I’s Youtube channel and talked about his impression of B.I, saying “I thought he’s a rude guy, but I was surprised to know that he’s really polite”. He continued to compliment B.I, saying “I’ve never seen anyone who is as passionate as him. The more I get to know him, the more I feel that this guy will be successful”. B.I responded, “I’ll make a new song and take on new challenges.”

◆ Hook CEO Kwon Jin Young – “I’ll spend the rest of my killing that XX”

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Lee Seung Gi is having a dispute with Hook Entertainment over unpaid settlements for his music activities. As the controversy intensified, a recording transcript containing CEO Kwon Jin Young’s shocking remark was released. In the recording, the female CEO said, “He sent a certification of content. I won’t forgive him. I’ll kill him”, adding “I’ll spend the rest of my killing that XX”

Lee Seung Gi thumbnail

Lee Seung Gi’s side said, “Lee Seung Gi asked for the settlement details several times, but Hook avoided providing them and making false excuses, such as ‘You are a minus singer’. Lee Seung Gi even heard insulting and threatening remarks from the CEO”. In response, Hook apologized, saying “We apologize to those who were hurt by CEO Kwon Jin Young’s inappropriate remarks and actions”

Later, CEO Kwon and Hook unilaterally deposited 5 billion won to Lee Seung Gi’s account, claiming that they no longer owe him any debts. However, Lee Seung Gi announced that he would that amount and continued the legal battle.

Lee Seung Gi HOOK thumbnail

In addition, he recently sued CEO Kwon together with Hook’s former and current directors on charges of defrauding his advertising and modeling fees”.

Source: Daum

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