Gong Yoo mentioned viewers’ divided reactions to “The Silent Sea” in interviews, “I already expected this result…”

Actor Gong Yoo expressed his feelings after “The Silent Sea” was premiered.

Media outlets, such as TenAsia and Edaily, conducted interviews with Gong Yoo on December 30th about Netflix’s original series “The Silent Sea”.

gong yoo

Regarding “The Silent Sea”, Gong Yoo said, “Ever since the beginning of this drama’s production, I already expected that there would be mixed responses from the audiences”, adding, “Each genre has its own characteristic, and this SF genre could be interpreted from a wide range of viewpoints.”

He honestly said, “I know there are still many things that need to be improved. Viewers might have been disappointed if you had looked forward to a vast universe and dynamic scenes”, adding, “‘The Silent Sea’ was not originally created to depict a magnificent universe, but I think it was a wise choice in the scope of a world in real life we can make.”

gong yoo

In addition, Gong Yoo said, “I’m not saying that we did everything perfectly, but I think this drama has opened up the possibility for the development of Korean SF genre dramas about space. We have to do something in order to develop, right?”, adding, “I can confidently say that this work will be the first step for the SF space genre to develop”.

The Silent Sea” recently received bad reviews from some viewers, saying “It’s too boring”.

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