Idols’ reactions when fans flirt them with the joke “I was arrested by the police”

In the online fan signs, fans always have many ways to troll their idols.  Recently, a series of idols such as Jennie, Mingyu, Jaemin … have been cutely teased with the hit song of F.T.  Island.

Due to the Covid-19 Epidemic, the face-to-face meeting between idols and fans through concerts or fan signs cannot take place.  Instead, online concerts or online fan signs are held to partly connect people.  At the fansign online, fans get video calls with their idols in a short time.  Fans have come up with enough things to impress their idols.

Jennie, Mingyu, Jaemin Idols' reactions 1

Recently, fans have presented a unique way to “troll” the idol.  The general scenario is used as follows:

Fan: I’ve got big trouble

 Idol: What’s wrong?

 Fan: Yesterday, the court (the police) called me.

 Idol (shocked): The court?

 Fan: Right.  I think I must have been sued (arrested).  They speak in Korean, but I’m not very good at Korean.  That’s why I recorded it again.  Oppa can you listen to it and let me know what was charged with?  I am very worried.

 Idol (nervous): Show me it.

 The fan then played Love Sick (F.T. Island), saying: “My sin is to love you too much. My biggest crime is to love you too much”

Jennie (BLACKPINK) also met this fan joke.  Maybe she knew this popular joke, so she responded with a lovely reaction.  The music played, Jennie laughed, and felt the song Love Sick – the legendary hit of F.T.  Island: “My biggest crime is to love you too much”.

Jennie, Mingyu, Jaemin Idols' reactions 2

Not only Jennie, but many other idols were also “fooled” by fans.  Mingyu (SEVENTEEN) was one of the first idols who were fooled. He did not seem to know the joke previously.   He was extremely focused on waiting for the recording, but when the music came on, he could only be surprised.  Both Doyoung and Jaemin (NCT) were shocked by this funny joke from fans.

If you can join an online fansign next time, will you try this joke?

Sources: kenh14

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