TWICE Dahyun’s Instagram terrorized by malicious comments after she skipped BLACKPINK Lisa’s Youtube ad

TWICE Dahyun is being criticized by overseas BLACKPINK fans. Her member Chaeyoung suffered a similar attack in 2018.

On Sep 16th, a post titled BLACKPINK‘s fans attack Dahyun‘s Instagram” was uploaded on an online community.

The author explained, “Dahyun recently played a YouTube video on Bubble Live. Before the video started, a song advertisement of BLACKPINK was played.”

The author added, “After waiting for about 5 seconds for the ‘Skip’ button to appear, she pressed ‘Skip’, saying, ‘I don’t have YouTube Premium. It’s a YouTube ad.’ However, overseas netizens are continuing to terrorize her Instagram by malicious comments.”

In fact, on that day, Dahyun posted photos of her attending a clothing brand fashion show through her personal Instagram, but the comments section was full of malicious comments from overseas netizens.


​BLACKPINK’s international fans then filled Dahyun’s Instagram with malicious comments and hateful emojis. They said things such as, “Apologize to Lisa”, “You can never be Lisa. Lisa is the queen of K-pop”, “Rude”, “‘Lalisa’ is better than TWICE’s songs”, “Why did you use Lisa for clout?”.


In response, TWICE’s fans left positive comments on Dahyun’s Instagram, such as “We love you Dahyun” and praises for her, to purify the comments under her posts. Korean netizens also found the attack Dahyun received from Lisa’s fans ridiculous and felt sorry for her.

TWICE’s Chaeyoung was also terrorized with similar malicious comments in 2018 from BLACKPINK’s fans, drawing more outrage from netizens.

At that time, those who were hating on Chaeyoung were also fans of BLACKPINK’s Lisa. They reportedly attacked her with malicious comments for nearly a month, saying that Chaeyoung copied Lisa’s orange hair. 

Source: nate

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