Jo Kwon imitates Lee Hyori, but the atmosphere is distinctly different

Following Lee Hyori, 2AM Jo Kwon also sent a love call to advertising agencies. However, the atmosphere was distinctly different from that of Lee Hyori.

On July 15th, Jo Kwon posted 2 photos on his Instagram with the caption “I want to do commercials again. Please contact CUBE Ent for advertising inquiries“.

The photos showed Jo Kwon copying Lee Hyori’s clothing advertisement pose.

Jo Kwon

Earlier, Lee Hyori expressed her intention to return to commercial advertising after 11 years by writing on her Instagram, “I want to do commercials again. Please contact Antenna Music for advertising inquiries.”

In response, various brands, including beauty, manufacturing, fashion and IT, rushed to Lee Hyori’s Instagram comment section and sent love calls with pleasant replies.

lee hyori

However, Jo Kwon’s comment section looks somewhat different from Lee Hyori’s post. Although acquaintances responded that it was funny and sent messages of support, the love calls from companies were not explosive.

However, Lee Hyori, who saw Jo Kwon’s advertising call, replied, “Kwon, let’s work hard.”

Meanwhile, Jo Kwon is appearing on TV Chosun’s “Show Queen” and JTBC’s “R U Next?”.

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