It turns out that WINNER Jinwoo spends 300 hour per month at the dermatologist to get his flawless skin

WINNER’s Jinwoo is known as a handsome man with white, flawless skin.

The consumption habits revealed in an entertainment show are becoming a hot topic again. Accordingly, Jinwoo was not interested in luxury bags, so he carried paper bags and plastic bags, giving fans regret. The members who saw this saved up their money and bought a luxury bag, but he didn’t mention it because he said “I don’t like it“, so it became a topic of discussion.

Again, he showed a frugal habit of carrying a paper bag, and mentioned the fullness-induced beauty just by showing his face.

He was praised as, “He has an innocent face and his face is a more luxury item than any expensive thing.” Lee Seung-hoon, who was listening to this, gave a big laugh at the revelation, saying, “But he spends 300 hour a month at the dermatology department.”

Instead, he showed great material desire for skin care and made everyone laugh. He said he spent 110,000 won on one pack a day and said, “I don’t save money on management.” He also mentioned that he is thinking about buying a machine that can be used at home because it costs a lot to go to the dermatologist.

As if to prove this, Jinwoo surprised everyone by showing his skin glowing in a photo captured at an event. It may also be the result of using 300 hour per month at the dermatologist. 

Source: daum

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