Son Seok-koo – Lee El kissing on the cheek during an old live broadcast → What’s their relationship with Bae Doo-na?

The past love life of Son Seok-koo, who emerged as a trending actor through “The Roundup” and “My Liberation Notes”, is being re-examined.

Son Seok-koo had dating rumors with actresses Bae Doo-na, Lee El and Lee Seol in the past.

He worked as a couple with Bae Doo-na in Netflix’s original series “Sense8”, which ran from 2015 to 2018, and appeared as husband and wife with Lee El in KBS2’s drama “Matrimonial Chaos”, which aired in 2018.

son seok gu Matrimonial Chaos

The three people’s contact point was the drama “Matrimonial Chaos”, and the video of the after-show party at that time became a hot topic.

At that time, Bae Doo-na turned on the Instagram live broadcast and captured the actors. The actors expressed their gratitude towards viewers.

Then, Lee El showed intimacy by kissing Son Seok-koo on the cheek, and Son Seok-koo also responded with a kiss on the cheek.

Afterwards, Son Seok-koo and Lee El reunited in tvN’s “My Liberation Notes“, which recently ended. Son Seok-koo’s partner was Kim Ji-won, but in the drama’s making, Son Seok-koo and Lee El’s intimate appearances were captured, attracting attention.

My Liberation Notes

Meanwhile, in the past, there were rumors that Son Seok-koo and Bae Doo-na were dating, but the agency denied that they were “just close colleagues”.

Besides, regarding dating rumors between Son Seok-koo and actress Lee Seol that surfaced last year, both sides dismissed, “That’s not true. It’s just a close senior-junior relationship.”

son seok gu lee seol

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