“I took off my glasses and became prettier”, Ahn Yu Jin and Jung Eun Ji reveals photos of their dark pasts

Jung Eun Ji and Ahn Yu Jin talked about the past when they were still wearing glasses.

Han Ga In, Jae Jae, Jung Eun Ji and Ahn Yu Jin appeared as guests on MBC’s program “Radio Star”, which aired on January 11th.

On the broadcast, Ahn Yu Jin shared, “I shot a lense CF when I was a trainee. I was a middle school student back then, but I acted as a college student. Many people responded that I looked older than a college student. I even played an office worker after then. Looking back on the CFs now, I think I was young like a baby, like a real middle school student. I wonder why they said I looked older than my age.”

Ahn Yu Jin continued, “I had nearsightedness since I was born so I always wore very thick glasses. My friends were also used to seeing me with small eyes. That’s why I felt burdened to take off my glasses. I thought it would be better to keep wearing glasses. However, I took off my glasses after debuting and was named among 6 idols who look pretty”.

Seeing Ahn Yu Jin’s elementary school graduation pictures when she was wearing glasses, Kim Gura said, “She looks like an office worker,” and Jung Eun Ji countered, “You have blank eyes. She’s just pretty.”

Jung Eun Ji then shared her own graduation photo with glasses, and her unexpected resemblance to Sung Si Kyung immediately caught the eye. Kim Gura acknowledged that Jung Eun Ji looked like Sung Si Kyung and asked her, “Do you see Sung Si Kyung?” Jung Eun Ji replied, “We look alike.” She added, “I listened to Sung Si Kyung’s songs a lot at that time.”

Source: Daum.

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