aespa Karina enjoys a beer after Yankees first pitch? Goddess-like side profile

Karina, a member of girl group aespa, showed off her perfect visuals at the Yankees Stadium in New York.

On June 9th, Karina posted several photos on her personal social media along with the caption “New York Yankees.”

In one of the photos, Karina can be seen drinking what seems to be beer at a baseball stadium, taken from the side. Her, the aespa member’s distinct facial features and goddess-like visuals captivated viewers.


Seeing Karina, netizens responded with various comments such as, “Please marry me, I’ll do everything including cooking and laundry,” and “katarinablu (Instagram of Karina), please come back immediately… Reason: My heart is so empty.”

Meanwhile, aespa,  the group to which Karina belongs, is scheduled to embark on a global tour in a total of 14 cities in the Americas and Europe with their first solo concert “SYNK: HYPER LINE.”

Source: Nate 

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