GFRIEND worked hard for years to upgrade their company from a basement to a building only to end up getting mistreated 

GFRIEND deserves better. 

GFRIEND is one of the most successful 3rd generation K-pop groups, the owner of smash hits like Rough, Navillera, Love Whisper, Me Gustas Tu. In May 2021, GFRIEND shocked the public by confirming their disbandment and departure from Source Music after 6 years. GFRIEND was the only artist responsible for getting Source Music, a formerly small, unknown, debt-ridden company out of the basement to become the well-known entertainment agency it is today. 

GFriend Source Music
GFRIEND is one of the most popular 3rd generation girl groups of K-pop

Recently, VIVIZ’s SinB opened up about the time when she was still active as a member of GFRIEND. The female idol shared, “On the day the official news broke about our contract termination, we went out of our rooms crying at the same time. Last year was a very difficult year for all of us. I never thought I could shed so many tears within a year. I think I cried all the tears I possibly could my whole life during last year.”

GFriend Source Music
SinB said that GFRIEND members cried a lot when deciding not to renew their contract with Source Music. 

SinB also talked more about the tough time she went through ahead of the group’s disbandment. She said, “Since the Fever promotions, I didn’t like to watch my performance anymore. I used to enjoy watching my own fancams, but since I was no longer satisfied with my performances, I gradually started to lose motivation.”

SinB also added that she didn’t know Mago was GFRIEND’s last comeback promotions as a whole. She now finds it regrettable that she didn’t show her best during the promotions of Mago.

GFriend Source Music
SinB didn’t know Mago was GFRIEND’s final promotions before disbandment 

What SinB said breaks fans’ hearts and makes them frustrated with Source Music. Looking back at GFRIEND’s career, the company was accused of mistreating the members many times. 

GFRIEND is famous for their difficult choreography and perfect synchronization. But not many people know that it is the result of extremely intense practice the members went through behind the scenes. According to GFRIEND members themselves, the period when they felt the most pressure was during the comeback with Rough, because they had to spend so much time learning choreography and practicing the dance, which was exhausting, and not just physically. Umji once said, “Honestly, it was a very difficult time for us mentally.”

GFriend Source Music
Rough era put GFRIEND under extreme pressure

Yuju added that getting up early in the morning to practice choreography took such a huge toll on her that she even begged the dentist to remove her wisdom tooth because that meant she could get some time off to rest. “I went to the dentist and begged them to pull out my wisdom tooth that hadn’t come out yet. My mother knew about this and she was heartbroken when she heard I had to try to get a normal tooth removed. I was not the only one who suffered. We all did,” Yuju shared.

GFriend Source Music
Yuju was desperate for some rest 

Hearing what GFRIEND members have to endure, fans’ hearts are torn apart. By the time Source Music debuted the group, the company was in crisis and on the verge of bankruptcy. They literally started from a cramped basement.

However, the success of GFRIEND has helped Source Music pay their debts and become a famous entertainment agency in K-pop. Yet, after all efforts, what GFRIEND got eventually was a disbandment, making the members and fans surprised and regretful.

GFriend Source Music
GFRIEND’s company used to be a basement. 
GFriend Source Music
Source Music now has a legit building but GFRIEND is no longer there 

Currently, GFRIEND members have parted ways with Source Music and gone on their own paths. However, more than anyone else, Buddy (GFRIEND’s fans) still hold onto the faith that GFRIEND will reunite and stand on the same stage again one day. 

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