G-Friend’s timeline 24 hours before the news of their departure from Source Music

Even the events that followed Source Music’s official statement about G-Friend added to the oddity of the situation.

Many fans were still struggling to comprehend the news that all six G-Friend members did not re-sign with Source Music at the same time until today. Before that, everyone felt that the contract renewal procedure between the members and the management firm was still going well and that G-Friend would continue to go together for a long time.

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Compared to other groups who also decided not to renew with the management company after the contract expired, G-Friend’s case is more confusing because before, there was no sign that they will soon be leaving Source Music.  Even fans discovered that 24 hours before the agency made announcement of not re-signing, G-Friend’s activities were still very normal like other groups that are actively promoting in Kpop. 

Check out their schefule here:
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More importantly, fans also pointed out that G-Friend’s schedule for yesterday (May 18) was posted a long time ago.  As expected, at 4 pm this afternoon, G-Friend will release special clips (content behind the scenes of recording).  At 6 pm, the group will launch G-POST (behind-the-scenes photos).  In addition, they has also annouced the schedule for today (May 19) to the fans.  However, after Source Music announced that all 6 members did not renew their contracts with them,the deleted all the above schedules for unknown reasons.

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All these outrageous details make not only fans but even the Korean public extremely confused. They wonder what is going on with G-Friend and Source Music in the end.  There has been a lot of speculation (of course nothing has been officially confirmed). Even some fans have suggested that perhaps the agency “forced the group to disband”.  Before that, leader Sowon once assured fans on Weverse that “We are always next to each other”.

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After the announcement made by Source Music, up to now, the G-Friend members have not spoken about this information. It makes fans extremely confused.  Many people are looking forward to hearing from the members about their future plans.  Fans wonder if G-Friend’s activities will stop here or if they will find another way to continue working together.

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