Evidences show that “A Business Proposal” will have super-hot scenes

The audience is looking forward to the hot moments of the “A Business Proposal” couple.

A Business Proposal” is currently a very popular drama because it exploits funny and lovely love stories. It is known that this drama is adapted from the webtoon of the same name, so at the present time, this webtoon is attracting the attention of the audience, many details that have not happened in the drama are also widely shared by the audience.

A Business Proposal

One of the images in the story that is most mentioned by the audience is the bed scene of the main couple Ha Ri – Tae Moo.  If true to the original, this couple has many sweet love scenes and kisses that make the audience flutter. These scenes are very likely to happen in the drama version because in the last 2 years Korean filmmakers have been extremely bold, bed scenes are no longer a sensitive or taboo issue.  The only problem is that “A Business Proposal” is modified to be softer, more lovely than the webtoon, so it is possible that the bed scene will be cut out or quickly skipped.

Will scenes like this…
Or like this
a business proposal
appear in the drama version?
  • I vow to be a vegetarian if these scenes are featured in the drama.  Don’t need them all, just one scene is okay, PD nim!
  • The drama was modified to be softer so I didn’t expect much
  • The drama is rated 13+ so I don’t think there will be those scenes
A Business Proposal female characters

“A Business Proposal” is about Shin Ha Ri, a single office worker.  She has a best friend, who she has had a crush on for many years, but now he has a girlfriend.  After that, Shin Ha Ri was asked by her friend Jin Young Seo to pretend to be Young Seo to participate in a blind date. Ha Ri did not expect that the person she met was the director of her company.  Since then, Ha Ri’s life has completely changed.

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