The sharing of a G-Friend member about the time of the group’s disbandment left fans heartbroken

Although they are no longer together, the female idol still believes that G-FRIEND can one day reunite.

Recently, SinB had an interview with Idol Live to share about G-FRIEND‘s disbandment as well as her future musical journey. Netizens feel so bad for the female idol when she had to suppress the pain every time she mentioned other members of G-Friend, and at the same time always hoped that one day the group would reunite.

“How can we tell our fans that ‘GFRIEND won’t renew the contract.’ We can’t say that in advance. So a month before the news was reported, we cried while watching VLIVE, when we saw our fans’ cheering video. I thought we wouldn’t cry on the day the news was published, but I still cried so much.

I live in the same dorm with Sowon unnie and Eunha unnie. That morning, while reading the newspaper, we walked out of the room at the same time and cried. Even though we didn’t show it, last year was really a difficult year for us, a year that I never thought I would cry so much. I’ve cried all my life’s tears last year.

Actually, I still believe that one day the members will reunite and release a new album. The leader is Sowon unnie. We still have the position of team leader vacant. Now the members are separated for a while. First of all, we have to do our best so that we can meet again with a great image.”

In May 2021, G-FRIEND suddenly announced the disbandment after 6 years of operation, leaving a great shock to the fans. In October of the same year, 3 members Eunha, SinB and Umji decided to re-debut together in a group called VIVIZ. Currently, even though they are no longer active together with all 6 members, the girls still maintain a close relationship.

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