“Canada Check-in” Lee Hyo Ri: “Frustrated because I can’t speak English, have started studying”

tvN’s “Canada Check-in” will soon be revealed through the lead of Lee Hyo Ri, following “Seoul Check-in”.

“Canada Check-in,” which will premiere on December 17th, is a program about Lee Hyo Ri, who has been continuously volunteering for abandoned dogs for more than a decade, leaving for Canada to visit the dogs that are sent overseas for adoption.

In the first episode, Lee Hyo Ri’s long journey from leaving Jeju Island to checking in at Canada will be unveiled. For the first time in her life, Lee Hyo Ri challenges the mission of accompanying dogs that have been adopted to their new home abroad. However, she has been in tears since the first day of her arrival in Canada due to unexpected difficulties.

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Let’s take a look at Lee Hyo Ri’s Q&A interview to know more about her experience in Canada.

Q. We heard that you travel around Canada in a camping car. If you had to pick an interesting or impressive story during the shoot, what would it be? And on the contrary, were there any difficulties?

lee hyori canada check in

During this trip, I mainly went to cute local areas rather than famous tourist attractions in Canada. I’ve been to the adopter’s family home in Canada myself. I think I’ve been to places that I wouldn’t be able to go in my life if it weren’t for the dogs. It felt like I saw the truest of Canada.

The hardest thing was that I wanted to have a deep conversation with the family who adopted the puppies, but I was frustrated because I cannot speak English. I have a lot of things to ask them, like how the dogs got adopted and how they are adjusting to their new house, but I am sad that my English is not good. So… as soon as I came back to Korea, I started studying English on YouTube.

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Q. How did you feel before leaving or the day before leaving? I wonder how you felt about the first time you met the dogs again.

I’ve been thinking about going to Canada to meet my dogs for a long time. However, due to the pandemic situation and my schedule, it was still only a thought. Then, I happened to have a vacation, so I just bought a ticket to Canada.

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I was extremely excited the day before my departure. It’s been a long time since I’ve been abroad. I’ve only seen the dogs in Canada through photos, and I was excited to see them in person. Especially, the first dog I met in Canada was San, and the moment I met him, everything was like a dream. Everything was perfect, including the surrounding scenery and sunlight when I met San, and the guardian who looked at San warmly.

Q. I think I will be a fan of this show after watching the teaser video. What kind of program is “Canada Check-in” to Lee Hyori?

Lee Hyori

It was the first time in my life to film overseas on a small scale. The camera and the production team started off simple by minimizing everything, but that made me more natural and honest without being conscious of the camera. After I came back from Canada, every day there was so special that I only talked about Canada.

Q. “Canada Check-in” is the second “Check-in” show after “Seoul Check-in”. We wonder if there would be any more seasons and where you would like to “check in” next?

lee hyori

Next time, um… How about “India Check-in”? Maybe it’s because I’ve been doing yoga for a long time, I want to go to India to train and see the life of Indians in detail. I don’t know who I’ll be with, but I think I’ll be a friend who can talk a lot with anyone in India.

“Canada Check-in” will premiere on Dec 17th, 10:40pm KST.

Source: Newsen

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