“I feel melancholy somehow”, TWICE Sana created a controversy after sharing about the Japanese emperor’s abdication

TWICE member Sana has posted her thoughts publicly on the news of the Japanese emperor’s abdication, which has sparked controversy.

On April 30th, Sana left a lengthy post with her selfie on TWICE’s Instagram account. Written in Japanese, the post is full of Saana’s thought on the news of the Japanese emperor’s abdication.

Sana said in the photo’s caption, “As someone who was born during Heisei era, I’m melancholy somehow knowing that Heisei is gonna end, but you did a great job Heisei! Let’s head towards a new start with Reiwa, a spend the last day of Heisei neatly.”

On the same day of Sana’s post, a ceremony was reportedly held for the abdication of Japan’s 125th Emperor Akahito. Japanese Emperor Akihito finally abdicated after 30 years and three months, and Japanese Emperor Naruhito, who will succeed him, is said to be ascending today (May 1st).

In response, Sana expressed her opinion about the change from Heisei to Naruhito’s Reiwa. She expressed her melancholy thought, but the article Sana posted in Japanese is being criticized by the public.
Of course, since Sana is a Japanese member from Japan, she can be sad about the news of the Japanese emperor’s abdication. However, Sana is definitely a popular and active member in Korea. The controversy began because Sana posted her personal thoughts on TWICE’s official Instagram account.

Since TWICE’s official Instagram account is not a Japanese account but a Korean account, many people are asking whether she should have written down her thoughts on the news of the Japanese emperor’s abdication in Japanese or not.

Even if TWICE is a multi-national group that is active worldwide, many are still thinking that they have problem with Sana leaving personal messages about her country and expressing her thoughts in such a situation.

With the constant controversy over her post, attention is being paid to whether she will give feedback on this.

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