A photo of BLACKPINK is rumored to be their comeback teaser – YG has not made any official announcement yet

A poster photo of BLACKPINK that looks like a new song teaser has been spread everywhere on the Internet, drawing huge attention from fans around the world.

According to information from the music industry on November 9th, a photo said to be BLACKPINK’s teaser poster for the release of their new song was uploaded on all social media sites and communities, including Twitter. The picture has a logo of YG Entertainment and also specifies an exact release date and time of a song titled “Ready For Love”. As soon as it appeared, this poster rapidly spread among overseas BLINK.

Ready For Love” is known to have only been released partially to fans through the Netflix documentary called “BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky”. This documentary also showed some footage of the places where BLACKPINK’s unreleased songs were recorded, and one of them was rumored to be named “Ready For Love”.

BLACKPINK Ready For Love

As a result, many fans believed the content on the poster that indicates BLACKPINK’s new song to be released at 6 P.M on November 26th is true. However, the title of the song has not been confirmed, and the release date is also undecided. It is true that a global girl group like BLACKPINK often releases new songs on Friday, but the specific information about time is not correct since they usually mark their comeback at around 1 P.M EST.

Nevertheless, there could have been some confusion among fans who have encountered the image. In particular, in less than a day, the Twitter account that posted the image has received more than 2,000 retweets and more than 120,000 likes, reflecting fans’ wishes for BLACKPINK’s new song. BLACKPINK has proved their growing influence by delivering a message on climate change through video at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, England.

BLACKPINK Ready For Love

However, it was finally confirmed that the image was not true. YG said, “It is true that BLACKPINK’s new project is being prepared, but the timing has yet to be confirmed.” “The content distributed on SNS today is not YG Entertainment’s official poster, so I hope there will be no confusion for the fans,” they added.

BLACKPINK set various records for K-pop girl groups with its first full-length album “The Album” released in October last year. After that, members Rosé and Lisa have released their solo songs, proving their influence as solo artists.


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