Taemin shed tears as he said goodbye to his fans before enlisting

SHINee Taemin will enlist in the military in May, he delivered the news directly to the fans.

On 19th April, Taemin announced his military enlistment through SHINee’s official V app channel.

On VLIVE, Taemin put the title “Thank you for 13 years”. He shared that “I don’t know how to open properly. Am I talking heavily? It seems that I will be separated from the group for a while, but first, I want to say thank you.

“I debuted at the age of 16, when I was very young. I started following this dream when I was 13 and now I am 29. I have been working hard for 16 years. I have been through many things, and was loved so much. I want to say thank you to my fans. It’s sad that we will be separated, but it’s time for me to look back on my past,” he expressed his gratitude.

I’m speechless,” said Taemin, “I’m grateful for your support. I love you so much, and thanks to that, I’ve become a very special person. I think a solo album will be released in the second week of May.” From May 31st, there will be a hiatus,” he revealed the date of enlistment.

In addition, Taemin said, “I lived half of my life under the title of a celebrity and a singer. I also think a lot and I want to become mature. I have been active for so long that I feel so regretful” he said.

In particular, Taemin said, “It’s not something that feels sad, is it? I think it’s because I consider this as a period to look back on the past days

Along with this, “I’m worried, scared, anxious in the future, and sometimes I’m really lonely, but when I look back, I’m happy. But sometimes I also feel lonely. It feels like a lot of things happened. I want to talk a lot, but I can’t find the word. I’ll do it,” he shed tears in the end.

Meanwhile, SHINee Taemin was born in 1993 and is the maknae in the group. Excluding Taemin, Onew, Minho, and Key will continue their activities after finishing military service.

Sources: Nate

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