Gong Hyo-jin made a special appearance in “Be With You” thanks to Son Ye-jin

What is the story behind Gong Hyo-jin’s appearance in “Be With You?”

Gong Hyo-jin, who appeared as the mysterious “Hanbok Girl” in the movie, decided to join the filming as a friendship appearance at the request of her best friend Son Ye-jin

But on the day of her appearance, Son Ye-jin was stunned because the scenario said she was a hanbok girl, so everyone thought she would prepare her own hanbok, but she didn’t read the script and didn’t bring her own hanbok. 

However, Gong Hyo-jin herself is a type of person who enjoys improvised situations, so she listened to the setting right away and naturally performed according to what the director wanted, relieving Son Ye-jin.

Source: daum

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