These 2 stars were so cool despite being rumored to be dating while filming

Kang Dong-won and Han Hyo-joo worked together in “Illang: The Wolf Bridgade” & “Golden Slumber” and were rumored to be in a relationship throughout both works.

Kang Dong-won appeared in “Golden Slumber” in February 2018 and “Illang” in August. However, he appeared side by side with Han Hyo-joo in both works, and their appearance unintentionally looked like that of a dating relationship. 

The two actors naturally became close to each other because they worked together one work after another. They were even spotted together in the U.S. and became the main characters of a romance rumor, but the rumor ended after they explained that they were only close friends. 

They could have been shocked by the sudden romance rumor, but Han Hyo-joo said in an interview that she didn’t care much when the romance rumor broke out due to her appearance in the two movies. It is said that Kang Dong-won, who starred with her, was also quite chilled about the rumors.

When rumors of their relationship spread wider after a series of their appearances together, the two of them announced, “Isn’t that natural? We didn’t care much about the rumors.”

Source: daum

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