Hyuna and Dawn told the story of how they impressed each other’s parents

Hyuna and Dawn shared some honest stories about their relationship.

Hyuna and Dawn told the story of how they impressed each other’s parents
Hyuna and Dawn told the story of how they impressed each other’s parents
Hyuna and Dawn told the story of how they impressed each other’s parents

On September 13, Hyuna and Dawn appeared together on SBS Power FM Choi Hwa Jeong’s Power Time to promote their duet project.

During the broadcast, DJ Choi Hwa Jeong praised the couple for their chemistry and asked them, “Have you ever wonder what kind of people you would be dating if you two didn’t meet each other?”. Dawn answered, “I have secretly thought about that many times. Before, whenever my mom introduced me to other people, she always said, ‘My son is a mess, be careful with him’. However, after I met Hyuna, she always held on to me tightly so that I would not wander around. Therefore, I feel comfortable and safe. I think if I hadn’t met Hyuna, I would have become a true mess.”

Dawn drew the attention of the listeners by revealing that his mother really loves Hyuna. He shared, “My mom is really picky. Even before I became a singer, I already liked Hyuna more than other singers. The interesting thing is that although my mom is a type of person who is quite stiff, she was nervous when she met Hyuna.”

Then what do Hyuna’s parents think of Dawn? Hyuna recalled for a moment, then she said, “They like him a lot now. I’m not a healthy person. When I was shooting a music video, Dawn stayed on the set for 48 hours to take care of me. When my parents saw how much Dawn had suffered to protect me, they were really surprised and felt thankful.”

Hyuna continued boasting about their sweet relationship: “My parents told me, ‘You seem to contact Dawn more than us.’ I didn’t even recognize that. I think I’m the kind of daughter who talks a lot with my mom and dad, but strangely, I talked to Dawn even more. That’s the funny thing.”

The couple recently a duet album and is now promoting the title song ‘PING PONG’. Being asked how Psy, CEO of their company, reacted to the collaboration, Dawn said, “He is not the person who would say ok at once. But for this song, he agreed, and the album was produced immediately.”

Hyuna continued the story; she explained, “This is what gave me goosebumps. After the promotional activities for “I’m Not Cool” ended, I spent time healing in a place near the sea with the song composer. I didn’t have any music plans at that time. However, that was when Dawn wrote his song. After the CEO listened to the song, he said ‘This is definitely Hyuna-Dawn’s song, let’s go’ and our collaboration album was produced”

A listener told the touching of how considerate Hyuna was. Then Dawn shared, “It was also the reason why I fell in love with her. I didn’t think like that at first. She was a big star back then, right? But she treated the staff around her really well. That’s when I realized she’s really a nice person.”. Hearing Dawn’s sweet compliment, Hyuna humbly answered, “I think many people must have thought like him. Luckily, I have shown my good point more now. Thank you for complimenting me.”

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