“My wife this morning…” Go Woo Rim discussed newlywed life with Kim Yuna

Forestella member Go Woo Rim discloses about his “honeymoon” life with superstar Kim Yuna in a recent TV show.

The 582nd episode of KBS2’s “Immortal Song”, which will be broadcast on November 26th, will follow the special theme of “The one & only artist Patti Kim”.

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Here, a total of 14 junior singers, including Park Ki Young, Ok Joo Hyun, Big Mama Park Min Hye, Stephanie & Wax, Hwang Chi Yeol, Seo J, AUX, Kim Ki Tae, Forestella, Jo Myung Seop, DKZ, Lee Byung Chan, Xdinary Heroes, and CSR, have gather together to honor Patti Kim, who is finally returning after her husband. 

On the same day, Forestella Go Woo Rim appeared and told the story of newlywed life after marrying Kim Yuna.

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In particular, he said, “My wife has an early schedule this morning, so we couldn’t eat together. I think we’ll meet in the evening and have a late-night snack together because we had a busy day.”

Then, Cho Min Kyu discussed Forestella’s congratulatory song at the wedding ceremony, saying, “It’s a song I sang in ‘Phantom Singer’, and I thought it fit well because it was about eternal love in another life.”

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When asked if Kim Yuna shed tears during the song, Go Woo Rim laughed, saying, “I don’t think she cried”

In addition, Forestella members raise expectations by hinting that when they met Go Woo Rim after the wedding, he exuded the strong scent of a married man.

On the other hand, Forestella will be singing Patti Kim’s “Vow of Love” in the new episode of “Immortal Song”. 

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The special feature “The One & Only Artist Patti Kim”, where splendid stages of Patti Kim’s songs will unfold, will consist of 3 episodes that will be aired on November 26th and December 3rd and 10th. This is a unique situation that hasn’t happened since the special feature with Cho Yong Pil, and so is drawing a lot of attention. 

Meanwhile, “Immortal Songs” is broadcast every Saturday at 6:10 pm (KST) on KBS2.

Source: Insight

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