Hyeri Shares An Exciting Episode from Her Tokyo Trip Post-Breakup 

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri revealed her experience of being asked out during a trip to Japan

On Dec 15th, a new video was uploaded on Hyeri’s YouTube channel.

In the video, Hyeri introduced items she bought during her Tokyo trip with actress Park Kyung-hye. Taking out a cute sky-blue fleece, Hyeri remarked, “When I go to other countries, I always make sure to visit this store, but honestly, isn’t the clothes here less than I expected? I came here thinking it might be different, and indeed it is. I bought a cute outerwear. I think it will look too cute when worn like this.”

Park Kyung-hye asked, “Didn’t you have a very exciting episode?” and Hyeri said, “The staff working at this store told me, ‘You’re pretty,’ ‘You’re cute,’ ‘My type.’ In the end, they wrote a note for me and gave it to me. They even wrote their SNS account.” Hyeri chuckled, seemingly embarrassed. 

Next, Hyeri took out a hoodie and tried it on. Park Kyung-hye asked, “Weren’t you asked about your job at the store?” Hyeri replied, “I asked them to guess, and they said it seemed like I was an idol. When I said, ‘An idol?’ they said, ‘Like aespa, right?’ It felt good,” she revealed.

Hyeri continued, “I thought it was over, but I came to a shopping mall near my house. I came to the mall and found a really soft scarf. It’s a cashmere product that everyone already knows. So, I bought the scarf,” and she proudly showed the scarf to Park Kyung-hye, “You really have to touch this. Just touch it once. I’ll survive this winter with this.”

Source: daum

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