Choosing Jinwoo to be the first solo debut after the scandal, is YG changing their visual definition?

YG is originally an agency which doesn’t appreciate and invest in promoting the talent of visual members. However, Jinwoo is now the next one in WINNER to have a solo debut after Mino. Does this mean YG is showing their re-establishment after the serious scandals?

YG Entertainment is going through the biggest crisis ever since their establishment to now after a series of scandal from its artists. From T.O.P, Seungri and now B.I, YG’s image is losing the public’s trust. Also, BTS’s growing power is making Big Hit a big name in the entertainment industry. YG must be worried about the agency’s future when the media and their rumors are getting harder to control.

At such a time when groups that don’t come from big company still can compare fairly on charts, YG cannot sit still. They must change and prove their name once again.

What if, one among their many changes is how they change the stereotype about a visual’s talent?

Seungri is also mentioned because the court had decided not to arrest this male singer after the interrogation on May 14th.
Seungri’s scandal started YG’s crisis

In the past and even now, YG’s visuals are and were never seen as equals with other members. Apart from T.O.P who is a visual as well as rapper with many contribution to BIGBANG’s composing and lyric writing, to other YG groups, a visual is only in charge of “being pretty” and doesn’t get much investment for their solo projects. Even when BLACKPINK who is getting more and more famous in South Korea and building their first steps in the U.S market, Jisoo doesn’t get as much recognition as her members. Dara, in the past, had had solo projects but her name still cannot be compared to CL or Park Bom when they were still in 2NE1.

However, after YG announced Jinwoo (WINNER) to be the next member to have a solo debut, many are hoping this will be a chance for the other visuals such as Jisoo (BLACKPINK) or Yunhyeong (iKON).

The fact that YG is letting Jinwoo debut as a solo is totally understandable because WINNER is currently the only group in YG who hasn’t gotten into any serious scandal. About iKON, after B.I left, Bobby is the only member who has a stable fanbase and was successful in his solo career, which means YG need to push the other members’ fame so that they can compete with other rivals who have a more stable, balanced and larger fandom.

This might be a smart move of YG when they are slowly making use of the existing talents. This strategy might not bring in an immediate result, but after such serious scandals, YG understands that they must not rush due to the still harsh opinion of the public. The fact that the visuals are having the chances to have a solo debut will help them gain back the trust from fans and give YG a new form.

Jinwoo is the 2nd WINNER member to have a solo debut, after Mino.
Will Jisoo have her own solo project with BLACKPINK’s current fame?
Will Jisoo have her own solo project with BLACKPINK’s current fame?

However, the fact that Jinwoo will be the first idol of the 3rd generation to get enlisted will more or less affect WINNER. With only 4 members, the absence of only 1 member will surely affect the whole group, especially when all 4 of them still don’t have a big and stable fandom. This is why YG need to accelerate all the plan for WINNER to achieve a certain extent of public popularity as fast as possible, and to make up for 1 whole year with no achievement they have loss in Japan.

On the other hand, iKON and BLACKPINK still have a lot of time left for them to rebuild their image in South Korea. The proof lies in a busy 2018 of iKON while BLACKPINK is currently a rare girl groups who can compete with TWICE and BTS at this time.

Jinwoo’s first single in his solo career is called “Jinu’s Heyday” which will be released on Aug 14th with the title track “Call Anytime”. The track will feature his teammate – Mino – which promises high-quality music for Inner Circles.

Teaser for “Call Anytime” – Jinu feat Mino

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