“May I Help You” starts off well with a good rating… Hyeri finally renews her image in the new drama

Said to keep only one image since “Reply 1988”, Hyeri recently presents a new appearance.

“May I Help You” is the new drama that marks Hyeri’s comeback on the small screen after the historical series “Moonshine”, which aired last year. Being broadcast on weekdays and without huge promotions, the drama still achieved a good rating record of 3.9% for its first episode.

hyeri may i help you

“May I Help You” centers around Baek Dong-joo, a funeral director whose mother died right on her birthday. After that painful event, her life kept on going in a boring way until one day, Dong Joo found out that she has a special ability. She can actually see ghosts and spirits. Dong Joo was scared and she tried to ignore everything at first. After accepting her ability as a fate, she begins to use it to help the deceased complete what they haven’t finished. Accompanying Dong Joo on her missions is Kim Jib Sa (Lee Jun Young), who runs the daily errand service Ildangbaek and can do everything as requested with worthy prices.

hyeri may i help you

Fulfilling the wishes of souls is a rather old topic on Korean screens.  Previously, there were dramas that successfully exploited this topic such as Hotel Del Luna, Hi Bye Mama or Mysterious Mobile Pub,… However, May I Help You still has a difference as the main characters in the drama are completely ordinary people.  They accidentally acquire this special ability and feel fear of it.  For this reason, in the first two episodes of the drama, there were many humorous situations that revolved around Dong Joo’s journey to accept reality.

hyeri may i help you

Hyeri garnered a lot of praise for playing the female lead who appeared in the first two episodes because this time, in contrast to past projects, Hyeri has made a noticeable change. From the time of Reply 1988 to the historical drama “Moonshine” aired last year, Hyeri has always been entangled in controversy for taking on similar roles, all of which are cheerful and vivacious young girls. In “May I Help You”, Hyeri has matured both in terms of visual and acting.  In addition, her chemistry with co-star Lee Jun Young was also commended.

hyeri may i help you

Hyeri received a lot of praise for her role in May I Help You.

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