HYBE Fires Big Hit Music’s Performance Director “Fraud + Embezzlement”

A, known as the Performance Director at Big Hit Music, has been fired from HYBE due to allegations of fraud and embezzlement

On Nov 20th, HYBE announced, “A member violated the regulations on disciplinary actions and engaged in personal misconduct. Upon learning of the member’s misconduct and the damage caused to the company, we immediately conducted an objective investigation under the consultation of an external law firm. After going through the process of suspending duties and the personnel committee, we decided to terminate the employment.

HYBE filed a criminal complaint regarding the damages caused by A and is currently following legal procedures. HYBE emphasized that they will strictly hold the wrongdoer accountable until the end.


HYBE stated, “We strictly prohibit members from using internal information, duties, positions, etc. for personal gain and illegal or unfair acts. To prevent such behaviors and take prompt action, we also operate a separate reporting center.

HYBE has consistently informed the public about fraud prevention measures, cautioning against scams related to relationships with the company or artists. To prevent such incidents from recurring, HYBE plans to strengthen ethics education for all members, enhance anti-corruption measures, establish a robust governance system regarding fair trade, and reinforce internal control systems.

According to reports, A allegedly received rebates from HYBE’s contractors. Additionally, A is accused of using HYBE’s name to receive money under the pretext of investing in goods (MD) or using songs, without returning the funds. The amount embezzled is reported to be over 5 billion won.

Source: Naver

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