Gong Yoo, “My mother will be 70 soon. My gift for her is a Japan trip and a watch from C brand”

Actor Gong Yoo showed extraordinary affection for his mother.

The Youtube channel “TEO” released its original content “Salon Drip” on May 23rd with Gong Yoo appearing as the first guest.


When Jang Do Yeon asked, “Has your mother ever said that her son feels like someone else’s son?”, Gong Yoo replied, “My parents are both ordinary people, but as I began to walk on the path of being an actor, they said their son suddenly became an unusual person. I think a gap was formed because of it.”

He added, “I said that at an award ceremony and I guess my parents saw it. My mother said she did not tell me to think that way. I think she might have felt sorry about that.”


Jang Do Yeon then told Gong Yoo to send a video letter to his mother. Gong Yoo looked at the camera and confessed, “My mother will be 70 this June. She’s traveling to Japan with her friends. Mom thinks the Japan trip is my only gift, but I’m actually preparing another big present for you.”

Jang Do Yeon jokingly said, “She opens the door of a nice restaurant and sees Gong Yoo there, right?”. In response, the actor hinted that he purchased a watch as a gift. Jang Do Yeon wondered, “Is it from R brand? Or T brand?”, Gong Yoo mentioned C brand, saying “It’s a brand that I used to be an ambassador for”.

Jang Do Yeon commented, “It’s like a parallel story. I also gave my mother a gift from C brand. It’s a massage chair.”

Source: Nate

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