Hwasa Moved to Tears by Lee Hyori’s Support on “Dancing Queens on the Road” 

Lee Hyori seems to be aware of Hwasa’s obscenity controversy and wholeheartedly cheers for her junior. 

In episode 3 of ‘Dancing Queens on the Road,’ the members’ performances on the Seoul final stage were shown.

The final stage of the squad took place in Seoul. Before the final stage, Lee Hyori said, “It’s the first time I’ve been on such a big stage since coming down to Jeju Island.” Meanwhile, Hong Hyun Hee expressed her regret, “It feels like the unnies are going to disband,” and Lee Hyori coolly replied, “Yes, we will disband tomorrow.”

lee hyo ri

The first performance of this concert was the members of the squad singing songs requested by fans.

Lee Hyori’s stage was particularly remarkable with the appearance of the Bongsan mask dance lion. She expressed her desire to receive the audience’s love, to which fans responded by shouting “I love you”, which deeply moved Lee Hyori.

With only Hwasa’s stage remaining, Lee Hyori introduced her as a junior she truly cherishes. She expressed her heartfelt support and admiration for Hwasa, who dances even in storms, wishing her path to always be filled with love and happiness.


While waiting backstage, Hwasa started crying upon hearing Lee Hyori’s sincere words, but she composed herself and successfully completed her performances of BoA’s ‘My Name’ and Lee Hyori’s ‘Hey Mr. Big.’ 

Hong Hyun Hee praised Hwasa, saying she did a great job. Hwasa mentioned that Lee Hyori’s words made her emotional. When asked about Lee Hyori’s reaction, Hwasa jokingly said, “I hope she sheds a tear. I’m going to take this song away from her.”

Hwasa faced controversy in May when she performed a provocative act by licking her finger and touching a specific body part during a university music festival. Netizens had mixed opinions about it, some calling it art, and others considering it obscene. 

In June, the Student and Parent Human Rights Protection Association filed a complaint against Hwasa for violating the law on performance obscenity.

Source: Nate

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