Heartfelt Handwritten Notes During Fansign Event Show aespa Karina’s Amazing Fan Service Level

aespa’s Karina gains keen attention from netizens with the sweet notes she wrote for fans fans during fansign events.

Recently, a post titled “Karina fansign P.S.” has been circulating online. The post reveals handwritten messages that aespa member Karina wrote for fans as P.S. notes during fansign events.

aespa’s Karina

In the P.S. notes that Karina left for fans, she wrote short messages to support her fans, such as “I love you, Yoo Jimin’s number one fan,” “Even when your eyes are swollen, you’re still beautiful, don’t cry and let’s cry together,” and “There will come a time when your self-esteem will drop, but you are the main character of your own life. Whatever you do, you are the best. I will always support you and give you strength.”

Karina also wrote a note for a fan who asked her to write with her left hand, saying “Is this correct? I love you, take care of yourself, and don’t write with your left hand for no reason.

Netizens were amazed by Karina’s love for her fans and left comments such as: 

  • “She’s really sweet” 
  • “The notes are amazing, I want to attend Karina’s fansign event” 
  • “Her handwriting is pretty” 
  • “She’s really good at interacting with fans” 
  • “Popular people have a reason for their popularity.”

Meanwhile, aespa will make a comeback with their third mini album “MY WORLD” at 6 pm KST on May 8. This comeback comes 10 months after their second mini album “Girls” was released on July 8th last year. Ahead of their official comeback, aespa will hold a live broadcast on their official YouTube channel from 5 pm KST.

Source: wikitree

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