Hwasa, from not wearing undies to ignoring her seniors? A cruel price to pay for fame

Rumors surrounding Hwasa of MAMAMOO still continue. It is worrisome that Hwasa, who confessed her pain caused by malicious comments, might be burdened by those once again.

Singer Uhm Jung-hwa said on her personal SNS on May 1st, “I must have used “out of touch” to describe how Hwasa is always busy because I was so happy to see Hwasa after a long time. I wanted to say that I wanted to contact her, but I expressed it wrong. Hwasa always answers brightly, calling me “Senior”. It’s a night when I can hear Hwasa laughing,” along with a photo of her and Hwasa.

This caption was to explain the controversy arising from a scene from the 4th episode of the original web entertainment show “Seoul Check-in,” which was released on April 29th. In the broadcast, Lee Hyo-ri, Uhm Jung-hwa, BoA, and Hwasa visited Kim Wan-sun‘s house and had a drinking party, and when Um Jung-hwa told Hwasa, “You’re too busy to answer our calls,” Lee Hyo-ri said, “Hwasa goes to Paris with a luxury bag. She ignores us because she is a global star now.”

The remarks made by the older sisters who adored their youngest turned into a controversy over Hwasa’s attitude, especially among some Internet users. They choose to understand Lee Hyo-ri‘s words literally, saying Hwasa ignores her seniors in the music industry because she has been to many foreign events. In the end, Um Jung-hwa, the eldest sister of the group who started the prank first, started to extinguish it herself.


It may be a simple happening, but it draws attention once again because it is a controversy surrounding Hwasa. Hwasa was previously under fire for wearing airport fashion without underwear and wearing clothes similar to traditional Nigerian clothes during MBC’s “I Live Alone” YouTube live broadcast. Hwasa always suffered from criticism, big and small, even though everyone clearly knew that she did not enter the airport without wearing underwear to be suggestive and that she did not wear a specific costume to discriminate. In the recently released original wave “MMM_Where are we now,” Hwasa even confessed her feelings, “Will this situation end when I die?”.


Because their names are widely known, it is natural for celebrities to face some inconvenience or hardship. However, it is too harsh if their personal time is not guaranteed, and they have to constantly lookout for people who are nitpicking and slander everything they do. No one can be the perfect person to meet the standards of everyone. The same is true of idols who have only chosen this job on stage because of their talent.

The work conditions of office workers are developing in a way that respects individual privacy and choices, as the freedom to wear anything they want at work has been normalized, and even a so-called Kakaotalk ban has been discussed in the 20th National Assembly. In the meantime, the working conditions of idols, dominated by the MZ generation, seem to be going backward. From their outfits to their relationships with seniors, if they don’t suit the taste of the public, they will be considered a trouble maker. They are like an intern working while being watched by 50 million managers.

hwasa mamamoo

We understand that there is a reputation to bear as much as how popular they are, but isn’t time to stop nitpicking? In every case, we hope that these hardships of celebrities, including Hwasa, who have to repeatedly explain their groundless controversy, will ease.

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