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Hwang So-yoon Reveals BTS RM Knelt Down in Front of Her upon Meeting

Hwang So-yoon, has revealed an anecdote about her encounter with BTS RM.

On the upcoming episode of KBS2’s ‘The Seasons: Jay Park’s Drive’, which will be broadcast on the 19th, singer Kim Jo-han, Chancellor, Zior Park, band Soran, and Hwang So-yoon will appear.

In a recent recording, Hwang So-yoon revealed her connection with RM while talking about the title track “Smoke Sprite” from her second full-length album ‘Episode 1: Love’.

Hwang So-yoon Reveals BTS RM

Hwang So-yoon said, “I promised to work on an album with RM,” and added, “On the first day of our work, RM suggested the phrase ‘Take on my knees’ as the first line of the song, even kneeling down to emphasize it.

Meanwhile, RM recently participated in Hwang So-yoon’s solo song “Smoke Sprite” as a featuring artist.

It has been reported that various domestic and foreign musicians and artists participated in Hwang So-yoon’s regular album, including model Jang Yoon-joo, Park Ji-yoon, TERIM, Nick Hakim, DOCSKIM, Jon Nellen, Fisherman, Shin Se-ha, Kim Do-eon, and Jeon Kwang-jae.

In addition, mixing was done by Matt Cohn, known as the engineer and producer of pop singer The Weekend, as well as Jake Aron, who has worked with Solange, Beyoncé’s sister, and Snail Mail.

Hwang So-yoon is scheduled to release a commentary album called ‘Album Commentary: Episode 1: Love’ in early April, which contains behind-the-scenes stories about this album.

Source: Wikitree

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