Honey Lee, “Revealing the face of my 6-month-old daughter? I have no right to do so”

Honey Lee delivered her Christmas greetings and talked about raising children after becoming a mother.

On December 24th, actress Honey Lee (Lee Ha Nee) uploaded a video titled “Guys, it’s Christmas. What are you going to do? I’m going to watch ‘Hanee-mohani’” on her official Youtube channel.

Honey Lee began the video by greeting, “‘Hanee-mohani’ has returned after taking a short break”, adding “I thought I shouldn’t let 2022 pass so I hurriedly came here to say greet you al; with a heart of ‘getting on the last train together’.”

honey lee

While making a Christmas tree, she spent time answering fans’ questions. First of all, when asked how to endure an empty stomach, Honey Lee advised, “You should do something rather than thinking about not doing anything. So if you think of drinking tea or taking a walk, the time will go by much faster. It’s a really useful tip. It will be really tiring if you keep saying ‘You can’t do this. You can’t eat this’ to yourself”.

When asked, “What would be the most interesting to do with your daughter?”, Honey Lee said, “My daughter is six months old now. Still, there aren’t many things she can do. She’s always lying and crawling around little by little”, adding “I didn’t know this would happen, but it’s amazing. It would also be an amazing experience for men to become fathers, but I think this is the highest level of emotion that women can feel. The highest level of satisfaction and joy”

honey lee

The actress smiled and continued, “I think working is important, but apart from that, there is such a feeling”, adding “I like it the most when I’m with that person, and when my daughter eats baby food. She eats with her mouth like this. I find her really cute and I’m fascinated by that.”

When asked if she had any thoughts on doing parenting content, Honey Lee said, “I also think it’s a good idea”, adding “Since I have to show the face of my daughter to do that. I don’t think I’ll reveal her face in public regardless of her intentions.”

honey lee

She continued, “She has a life to live, too. I only gave birth to her, and I don’t want to think of her as my property. I want to play the role of a helper who leads her to this world and supports her to live well. There are times when I even wonder if I have the right to do so.”

She also talked about childbirth, saying “Rather than making those who don’t even listen to classical music yawn with my talks… I talked about that when meeting BTS, too. I told them that I gave birth to my baby while dancing to their songs until 2 in the morning, and they were like ‘Oh really?’”, adding “Everyone, listen to BTS songs. Your babies will come out”.

Honey Lee

Meanwhile, Honey Lee married a non-celebrity in December last year and gave birth to her first child in June. She is expected to meet the viewers through the movie “Phantom” in January next year. 

Source: Nate

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