Han So Hee overwhelms fans with her fatal beauty and sexiness in new SNS photo

Actress Han So Hee flaunted her sexy body figure.

On March 27th, Han So Hee updated her whereabouts through SNS.

One of the released pictures this time shows the actress doing a pose by putting both hands on her cheeks and making a fatal expression.

Han So-hee

In particular, Han So Hee showed off her skinny body in a tight outfit, drawing admiration from fans and netizens.

Meanwhile, Han So Hee has chosen the OTT series “The Price of Confession” as her next acting project. 

“The Price of Confession” is a drama that depicts the bloody chronicles of two women surrounding a murder case. Han So Hee will play the mysterious woman Mo Eun, whose identity has not been revealed. Mo Eun’s cold-hearted personality makes everyone afraid of her, but she is the person who reaches out to Yoon Soo.

Source: Nate

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