Chinese Celebrities’ Different Reactions to BLACKPINK Lisa’s Crazy Horse Performance + C-Netizens’ Comments 

Xu Jiao’s Weibo is being flooded with hateful comments from Lisa’s fans after she commented on Lisa’s Crazy Horse performance 

On September 30th, Xu Jiao posted a screenshot from an audience member describing Lisa’s performance at the Crazy Horse cabaret, and commented, “I only see women’s profession being sexualized.”

In the photo shared by Xu Jiao, the audience member described the “Crisis? What Crisis” performance where Lisa was dressed as an office worker. She started dancing and taking off her clothes, ending up in only underwear. 

Xu Jiao Lisa

Xu Jiao’s post immediately received much attention from Chinese netizens. Many agreed with her comment. However, some criticized Xu Jiao for deliberately using Lisa’s fame to gain attention for herself.

The situation escalated when Xu Jiao’s comment was mistranslated by Lisa’s international fans as “I only see prostitutes doing this.” As a result, Xu Jiao was heavily attacked online. Her Weibo post became a “battlefield” for netizens from Thailand, China, and other countries, with nearly 13,000 comments. Normally, Xu Jiao’s posts receive only 100-200 comments.

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Xu Jiao faced criticism and malicious comments from many of Lisa’s fans in Thailand. At the same time, many Chinese netizens defended Xu Jiao: “What’s even more ridiculous is that Lisa’s fans support their idol by ‘digging up’ Xu Jiao’s bikini photos,” “Fans of Lisa use Xu Jiao’s bikini photos to create 18+ rumors. Xu Jiao is right, but she gets hate. Everyone can distinguish between wearing a bikini and stripping.

Xu Jiao, born in 1997, is Stephen Chow’s adopted daughter. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from ArtCenter College Of Design in California and currently lives and works there.

Lisa’s three-night performance at the Crazy Horse cabaret has sparked intense controversy, especially in China. Chinese actresses Angelababy and Jenny Zhang have drawn public outrage for visiting Crazy Horse to watch Lisa’s performance. Many netizens are protesting against Angelababy’s participation in the show “Keep Running.” Angelababy and Jenny Zhang’s fans are demanding a quick response from their companies.

“They are Chinese artists, and their behavior indirectly affects the values of many people. Strip shows are legal abroad, but not in our country,” “Their words and actions influence fans, especially the young ones”… Chinese netizens left comments.

Source: K14

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