A collection of top female stars who were embroiled in dating rumors with BIGBANG’s G-Dragon 

Let’s take a look at female celebrities who have been rumored to be dating G-Dragon. 

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon has been caught up in multiple dating rumors with top female celebrities both inside and outside of Korea. Some of them are now married and started a family, while others are still busy with their activities. Let’s see who they are. 


BLACKPINK’s Jennie is without doubt the most talked-about rumored girlfriends of G-Dragon. In February of last year, a photo of Jennie visiting G-Dragon’s house was released by Dispatch, thereby sparking rumors of a romantic relationship between the two. 

However, in May of this year, G-Dragon was caught unfollowing Jennie on his private Instagram account. Rumors of G-Dragon and Jennie splitting up then arose even before they acknowledged they were dating. 

After being embroiled in dating rumors with G-Dragon for over a year, Jennie recently got caught up in dating rumors with BTS’s V after alleged photos of her with V were leaked. 

Former After School’s Lee Jooyeon

Lee Jooyeon was involved in dating rumors with G-Dragon after she posted a video she took with G-Dragon in 2017 and deleted it immediately. Dating rumors between the two then surfaced several times, but G-Dragon remained silent and Lee Jooyeon denied that they were “just friends.”

Foreign celebrities 

Chinese actress Angela Baby, Japanese model Mizuhara Kiko and Komatsu Nana are foreign celebrities that were caught up in dating rumors with the leader of BIGBANG. However, G-Dragon did not properly deny or admit whenever his dating rumors broke out.

G-Dragon and Kiko were rumored to be dating for quite some time. However, in March, a Japanese media drew attention by igniting another dating rumor and reporting that Kiko is living with her boyfriend in Japan. 

On another note, G-Dragon once revealed that Japanese actress Yu Aoi is his ideal type. As a result, there were even rumors that the two were an item. However, Yu Aoi later married comedian Ryota Yamasato.

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