Why does this return of BTS show their different level?

BTS confirmed that they will participate in 2 TV shows in March 2021

Contrary to many other Kpop groups, in recent years, BTS rarely participates in Korean variety shows.  Currently being the world’s leading Kpop group and considered as a ‘national treasure’, of course, the group also receives a lot of invitations from many PDs.  However, some unhappy things in the past made BTS gradually appear less on these shows.  Instead, the group creates their own content and shows to make it easier to interact with fans and avoid trouble.

BTS returned to talkshow after 4 years

The last time BTS guested on a variety show was in 2017, when they participated in the show ‘Knowing Bros’ (JTBC).  4 years have passed, many Knet is still expecting to see the 7 members appear on television again.  And finally, their wish has come true when BTS confirmed that they will participate in 2 TV shows in March 2021.

Knet’s reaction when BTS will participate in ‘You Quiz On The Block’ on tVN and have their own Talk Show on KBS is very enthusiastic.  Accordingly, the audiences are looking forward to seeing the 7 members sharing their stories, especially about their feelings and thoughts after achieving achievements related to the Billboard Hot 100 chart as well as the Grammy nomination.  These things have been shared by the group in previous interviews, but it would be even more meaningful if they had more opportunities to talk about it on Korean television.

BTS returned to talkshow after 4 years

On the other hand, Knet also pointed out that BTS’s participation in these two programs is on a completely different level.  They pointed out that in both shows, the group is the “key” character, not just the ‘guests’ as before.

BTS returned to talkshow after 4 years

For ‘You Quiz on the Block’, it was a special episode, exclusively for BTS.  As for KBS, it was even a Talk Show for only BTS on a national television station.  These details show that broadcasters are now giving a great deal of favor to the Grammy-nominated group, and are willing to create content exclusively for BTS just for BTS to accept and appear on this station.

BTS returned to talkshow after 4 years

Particularly for BTS fans, they feel even more proud.  Fans cannot forget how the broadcasters used to treat the group unfairly, but now BTS is finally being welcomed as VIP.  The sad stories of the past on TV shows will still be in the minds of ARMY, but fans will still support these shows if the stations can respect all 7 members.

BTS returned to talkshow after 4 years

Are you looking forward to the return of BTS on television this March?  Please share your opinion!

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