Han Ji Min will appear in the cinematic road movie ‘Escape’ and show her real-life Han Ji Min charms

It is reported that actress Han Ji Min will appear in the cinematic road movie “Escape” of Discovery Channel Korea and SKY Channel.

Discovery Channel Korea reported this news on October 7th. The cinematic road movie “Escape”, which is set to be aired in November, is a program with a new genre that captures the moments of a top actor leaving behind all the plans and enjoying the free time alone.

Han Ji Min will put down all her busy schedules for a while then head to the destinations she has set, Andong, and Yeongju, to find a turning point in her life with healing. Earlier, the cinematic road movie “Escape” has featured Kim Da Mi and Kim Hee Ae. Therefore, the actress will be the 3rd actress to appear on the show, is expected to show off her natural and real-life charm while traveling as an ordinary person, not an actress during this given time of ‘resting’.

Recently, Han Ji Min has been really active as she has confirmed her appearance in Director Lee Joon Ik’s first drama “Yonder” and the soon-to-be-released movie “Happy New Year”.

Meanwhile, the cinematic road movie “Escape” will be aired on Discovery Channel Korea and SKY Channel at the same time in November. It will be released a week early through kt seenzn’s online video service (OTT), seezn.

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