Han Ga-in takes off her mysterious image to appear on entertainment programs and receives explosive responses from the public

After hiding herself for years, actress Han Ga-in finally shows up on entertainment shows, staring with SBS’s “Circle House”.

Actress Han Ga-in has been reborn as an “entertainment rookie” 20 years after her debut. Looking at Han Ga-in taking off her mystique image and appearing in public more confidently, many people are so happy that they wondered why the actress has not been on entertainment programs until now.

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Han Ga-in announced her appearance on SBS’s entertainment show “Circle House” as an MC earlier this year. The news of Han Ga-in, who was called ‘mysterious actress because it was really hard to see her on entertainment shows, being selected as a regular MC for “Circle House” was enough to arouse the public’s curiosity.

The starting point of Han Ga-in’s entertainment activities was when the actress appeared on SBS’s Youtube variety show “MMTG” to promote “Circle House”. It was such a strange thing that made people wonder, “Why is Han Ga-in coming out on this show?”. Han Ga-in’s last entertainment show appearance was on SBS’s “Running Man” in 2012. As the actress is taking careful steps in the entertainment activities, much attention is also focused on her. The “MMTG episode featuring Han Ga-in literally made a “hit. She has shown her real appearance that has been hidden for a long time to the public without hesitation.

“Stone+Child? I’m a little crazy. Many people ask how I have been hiding myself for all this time. I’ve never hidden anything in particular. I just didn’t go anywhere. The company seems to have prevented me from doing this and that. I’m the man of this era”

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“At that time, I was not in the mood to be as honest as I am now. So I didn’t like long interviews in which I have to show different personalities on the screen like that. My company was also worried. I talked less. That’s what I did. But I think there is no more such atmosphere like that”

The public cheered for Han Ga-in after the video was released. In addition, they also raised high expectations for Han Ga-in’s appearance in “Circle House”.

Han Ga-in also repaid the public’s expectations with her 200%. She overcame all the malicious rumors about marriage, divorce and infertility that surrounded her.

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“When I was young, some actors of the same age had similar roles as me. I don’t consider others as competitors, but when I see that actor, I thought he/she was my rival. I hated competitions so much I didn’t calm enough to accept this. With the thought ‘I don’t participate in the game and won’t be in the league so I won’t raise my ranking in the competition’, I just got married quickly”.

“I got married and didn’t even have a child in 11 years of my marriage. I met my husband when I was too young, at 22 years old. I married him at the age of 24. I was too young and had not been mature enough yet, so I was not confident in raising a child. That’s why I and my husband agreed to not have a baby for 11 years. However, every time I went out, I was asked, ‘When are you going to have a baby?’, and there were also rumors that I and my husband were not on good terms. Then, ‘infertility’ appeared as a search word related to my name. Just because I got married, it doesn’t mean the next process must be being pregnant and giving birth to a child. That kind of stress became too much for me to handle”.

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Han Ga-in was nicknamed “goddess” thanks to her jade-like white skin, deer-like big eyes and doll-like appearance. She graduated from Kyung Hee University and was loved a lot for her perfect appearance and intelligence. 

Han Ga-in married Yeon Jeong-hoon in 2005. At that time, the actress was 24 years old. It was such a young age for an actress to get married. Yeon Jeong-hoon was considered one of “Korea’s top 3 thieves” because he married Han Ga-in. Even now, he is still being called by that name.

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Han Ga-in’s name is familiar to the public, but it used to be hard to see her face on entertainment shows. Actress Han Ga-in was an elegant goddess, while human Han Ga-in was lovely and charming. People are even sorry they hadn’t got the chance to see Han Ga-in in front of the public’s eyes in an honest and simple manner, breaking the mysterious image that had hidden her true self.

Fans are having high expectations for the future activities of Han Ga-in and what new side she is going to show after her increased appearances in entertainment programs, along with what kind of work she will return with as an actress.

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