YG-er Son Na-eun showed off hot body in a somewhat weird outfit

Singer and actress Son Na-eun boasted an unrealistic figure.

Son Na-eun posted several photos on her Instagram on March 1st without any caption. The released photo showed Son Na-eun posing in a black full-body tights that fit her body.


On this day, Na-eun caught fans’ eyes by showing off her fat-free body with hot pink high heels. The actress also caught netizens’ attention by boasting anime-like visuals with her small waist, clear features, and superior height.

She then aroused admiration by giving off an alluring aura and juicy charm at the same time. On top of that, the actress drew attention by wearing a black jacket and making a playful expression.

Internet users who saw the picture said on Son Na-eun’s Instagram, “Naeun is pretty even if she wears tights,” “Oh my, she’s so pretty,” “She’s living her life,” and “Innocent charisma,” “You’re pretty and cool,” and “You don’t have any fat.”

Son Na-eun, who made her debut as a member of Apink in 2011, became very popular by releasing a number of hit songs with her members. Since then, she has been active in both singing and acting activities. Recently, she played the role of Oh Soo-jung in the tvN drama “Ghost Doctor,” which ended in February.

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