Haha and Byul’s Relatable Parenting: Taking This Quick Action When Their Son Needs to Pee While on a Car

When their son Soul suddenly needed to pee while they were traveling in a car, Haha and Byul quickly gave him this.

In the first episode of the reality show “Haha Bus”, Haha and Byul were shown traveling with their three children on a bus. During the trip, son Soul said, “I need to pee now.”

haha byun

When Soul said he needed to go to the bathroom, Byul looked surprised and said there was no restroom nearby.

Byul asked, “Should I give him a bottle?“. Haha then took the bottle and drank the water in one gulp.

haha byun

Haha instructed Soul to pee in an empty plastic bottle, but Soul cried and said he wanted to pee in the bathroom. Soul worried that the urine might spill if he peed in the bottle, but Byul assured him that it wouldn’t.

However, in the end, Soul couldn’t pee in the bottle and had to find a nearby restroom with Haha.

Many viewers who watched this part of the show left comments such as “This is the reality of parenting,” and “Anyone who has raised a son can relate.

Source: Insight. 

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