BlackPink Lisa used to get scammed by a former manager, receive death threats and hateful comments from netizens

Lisa (Black Pink) is currently a globally famous female idol thanks to her outstanding talent and visual. However, unfortunate incidents kept happening to her in an unexpected way.

Swindled of 1 billion KRW by former manager

During the first half of 2020, Lisa reportedly got scammed by her former manager with a large amount of up to 1 billion KRW. The manager promised to use the money to invest in real estate but in reality, he spent it all on gambling. What makes fans feel heartbroken for the female idol is that this manager has been with Black Pink since their debut and is also someone Lisa used to wholeheartedly trust.

A close picture of Lisa (Black Pink) and her ex-manager.

Lisa is the only foreign member of Black Pink.  She had to live alone in Korea since she was young, so she could easily trust and willingness to help those around her such as her manager when they have money problems. But unfortunately, this former manager betrayed the female idol’s trust and cheated on her.

Attacked by netizens for being Thai

When Black Pink appeared at the 33rd Golden Disc Award, Lisa unexpectedly received countless malicious comments on her outfit and appearance. Some negative comments targeted Lisa’s nationality, saying that she is just an ordinary Thai and looks prettier thanks to Korean makeup. This made Blinks extremely angry and immediately stood up to defend Lisa against those hateful words.

Lisa is often attacked for no reason by netizens because of her nationality.

Threatened to kill by an anti-fan

Lisa was once threatened with death by anti-fans. They even claimed to attack her at a concert. Fortunately, fans discovered it and immediately reported it to the management company, YG Entertainment.

Not long after, YG gave a response to this incident, “We are doing our best to ensure the safety of our artists and fans. We are also aware of this problem. We will collect and review the evidence gathered through both the company’s monitoring and the information from the fans and will act with zero tolerance.”

Criticized for trying to interact with another member’s fan

A fansite of another member complained about Lisa when she tried to interact with them when they just wanted attention from the member they like.

This scene was accidentally filmed and the identity of the person was quickly discovered by Blink. Although this fansite has issued an apology, it seems that the group’s fans were very angry and did not easily forgive this action.

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