The actor who acted as Player 244 – “the man who keeps on praying” in “Squid Game” confessed about his character

Actor Kim Seo-hyun told some stories about the filming of “Squid Game” and his character.

On November 8th, a video titled “The most hated character in ‘Squid Game’… Current status of an actor who has remained nameless for 34 years” was uploaded on the Youtube Channel “Olympics of recent news”. The main character of this interview was actor Kim Seo-hyun. He appeared in Netflix’s drama Squid Game and made his face known to the viewers as “The man who keeps on praying” – Player 244.

The actor said he could feel the recent popularity of “Squid Game”. He explained, “Some people asked for my autograph, but it took me quite a long time to sign since I hadn’t done this many times before”. He continued to share, “I have a friend who is living in the U.S after marriage. He said he didn’t believe (that I acted in that drama), so I asked him to make a video call.” Kim Seo-hyun also talked about his character, “People commented and cursed me a lot. I believed I had completed my role as an actor.”

Kim Seo-hyun Squid Game

Upon hearing that most audiences chose the scene in which the players cross the glass bridge as one of the scariest scenes, the actor recalled the filming of the part and said, “I fell four times in total. Although the scene was made with sugar glasses, when they broke, I still got hurt. I did get hurt for real. I kept wiping my sweat because I was afraid that the sweat would make the glasses slippery.”

Kim Seo-hyun also gave a special explanation about his character as “the man who is always praying”. He said, “I think this character doesn’t have any specific religion. Some people asked if he is a pastor, but I think he is just ‘a man who prays whenever he feels anxious.” The actor added, “I’m saying this because I don’t want to be limited as an actor. I don’t have any religion.”

Meanwhile, Kim Seo-hyun said he started his career in 1988. He shared, “Yoo Hae-jin senior started acting 1 year earlier than me. I have been devoted myself to the Cheonju Theater”. Then, he said, “We’re preparing for a play called ‘Sookhee’s bookstore’ at the Youth Theater in Cheongju.”


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