7 reasons why Kpop idols choose to leave theirs agencies: The last reason is most ‘harsh’

In light of the news of Jinni’s departure from NMIXX, netizens discussed 7 common reasons why Kpop idols and management companies have to “go their separate ways”.

Every year, Kpop would receive news that an idol has left their agency. Among them, there are idols who have just been active for a short time, there are also idols who have been active for more than 7-8 years but still decide to part ways with their companies.  Most recently, the fact that NMIXX Jinni left JYP after just 1 year since debut has made netizens take another look at the reasons why idols choose to leave their companies.


Earlier, former Blady group member Tina has made a video about this issue on her Youtube channel.  She mentioned the topic that fans are very interested in: The reason why idols cannot continue to renew the contract with their agencies.  Here are 7 most common reasons that makes a Kpop idol depressed and want to leave the company as soon as possible according to Tina.

why Kpop idols want to leave theirs agencies

Not getting paid 

During the early days after their debut, it’s possible that Kpop idols have to work ‘for free’ to pay back the amount the company invested in them when they were trainees. However, many Kpop idols have revealed that they have not received a single penny from their companies even though they have been in the industry for many years.

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Tina said there are many Kpop groups that netizens will never know because they do not have enough influence to appear on music shows. Such groups often struggle to earn enough money to continue their dream of being an idol. However, human and financial resources are limited, and low-income groups tend to disband as soon as the time of contract renewal arrives.

Cannot become famous

 Some netizens believe that famous Kpop idols will often part ways with the companies when they have many attractive offers from other companies.  However, Tina said that the less popular Kpop idols in the groups are actually those who do not renew their contracts. Companies often focus on pushing key members, Tina said, by giving them lots of good treatment.  Meanwhile, ‘underperforming’ idols will often be left out and end up leaving.


However, there are still rare instances where idols leave because they are ‘too popular’, but not because they receive better offers.  The main reason is because they may feel it’s unfair that they have to share the profits coming from their individual activities with the rest of the group. So leaving and pursuing a solo career would be a much better option.

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Being tied up, robbed of freedom

Tina shared that one of the most irritating issues that make idols want to leave their agencies is lacking freedom. This includes not giving them creative freedom, for example, companies banning their artists from composing, not allowing them to have comebacks, disrespecting their own opinions, not having a say in styling or concepts, etc.

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Besides freedom at work, idols’ personal lives are also severely controlled. Tina revealed that even when idols are no longer rookies, some agencies still control their every move. Some idols dislike the dating ban, while many others are not even allowed to hang out with friends or visit their families. When idols feel that their celebrity life is no longer worth sacrificing, they often decide to go their own way.

Career orientation changed

Most idols spend most of their time on music, but many of them also pursue other fields such as acting, variety, MC, YouTube, advertising, or even real estate and business. According to Tina, many idols begin to be more interested in other fields and lose interest in pursuing their career as an idol. In the end, they decide not to renew the contract with agencies to find another company or follow the direction they want.

 Poor contract extension benefits

 When it is time to renew the contract, entertainment companies and Kpop idols will sit down to discuss carefully about why and why not to extend. Now management companies often give their artists much better contract terms than they originally were.  Whether it involves more creative freedom or better profit sharing, these benefits are ways for companies to convince their best artists to stay.


However, not all the time idols are promised such good terms. Some want companies to fulfill their A or B conditions, but companies think that is not appropriate.  Others argue that the interests of one company are not as attractive enough as another. Eventually, the discussion ended with no one to re-sign.

 No longer needed in the company

 This may sound cruel, but the fact that there were many Kpop idols left because the company did not need them anymore. Tina said that very few companies bear losing the money and effort they put into an idol. However, there are times when they are very determined to let an idol go. Some of the reasons may include: They want to replace that idol with a younger or better one, they want to change business direction, because of poor finance, etc.

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 In particular, when a company sees that the idol’s personality and personal life are no longer suitable for being an idol, the company may ‘kick’ this member out of his or her group for the common good to avoid causing controversy in the future.

 No longer needed in their own groups 

Getting kicked out by the company is already harsh, but this last reason is the most unfortunate. There are many cases where idols leave because they cannot get along or have arguments with other group members. Whether it’s a matter of bullying or simply disliking each other, no one can stand this ‘hostile’ environment even if they want to continue to be an idol.

why Kpop idols want to leave theirs agencies

 In addition to internal conflict within the group, there are also a few idols who leave because they have problems getting along with the company’s CEO or the staff. However, there are also many idols who can ‘endure’ this. They just couldn’t stand being left out because of the hatred by the other members, so they decided to leave in the end.

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