Goo Ha-ra’s suicide attempt, no life-threatening injury now

Earlier this morning, singer Goo Ha-ra was rescued after trying to make an extreme choice of committing suicide.

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Gangnam Police Station in Seoul said they were dispatched to Goo’s home in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, at around 0:40 a.m. today after receiving the manager’s report.

At the time of the rescue, smoke was found inside her house. The police confirmed that Goo Ha-ra is still alive and with no life-threatening injury now. According to the hospital, Goo Ha-ra is reportedly still unconscious, but her breathing and pulse are normal.

Goo Ha-ra reportedly had a legal dispute with her boyfriend in September last year over assault and after that, she has been suffered continuously from malicious comments.

Last night (May 25) she posted a message on her SNS suggesting suicide and then deleted it right away.

Source: nate

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