Only Park Eun-bin hit the jackpot? Kang Ki-young, “blue chip” in the advertising industry

Kang Ki-young has emerged as a blue chip in the advertising industry.

Actor Kang Ki-young, who received a lot of love for playing the role of unicorn mentor “Jung Myung-seok” in ENA’s drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo“, which ended in August, has recently entered the advertising industry and is expanding his scope.

Kang Ki-young

According to the agency, Kang Ki-young, who has solidified his presence as an actor with his flexible acting skills, stood out in the advertising industry and received love calls from many brands. Detailed elements such as witty ad-libs, sharp diction, tone of voice, reactions and suit styling captivated advertisers.

Kang Ki-young, who also has excellent expressive power as an advertising model, is increasing brands’ reliability and value with a smart image as well as building favorable feelings by approaching the public with pleasantness and humor. In particular, Kang Ki-young’s stable and clean narration gives comfort. His visuals, which contain countless emotions, serve as the main weapon to deliver advertisements’ messages. In addition, witty ad-libs in the right place and realistic eating shows that stimulate appetite add savory taste.

Kang Ki-young

Starting with a domestic laver brand (CJ Myungga Laver)’s advertisement, Kang Ki-young is working as the face of various brands such as finance (Standard Chartered Korea), vegan food (Plantable), toothpaste (Sirinmed) and mobility service (Tmoney Onda). Accordingly, attention is paid to the moves of him, who heralded active advertising activities in the future.

Meanwhile, Kang Ki-young will continue his path as a trending actor by holding his first overseas fan meeting since debut at Sankei Hall Breeze in Osaka, Japan on Nov 26th.

Source: daum

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